Adventure Boot Camp Cook Book

adventure boot camp cook book

"But I Just Don't Know What I should Eat!"

Problem Solved, Period!

We made this so easy for you...

(And your kids will love the food, too)

Your Cook Book For a Lean & Strong Body

By Chef Barbara Apt & Adventure Boot Camp Master Trainer Kelli Calabrese MS

A brief note from Kelli Calabrese:

Greetings to you!

I am so proud of the New Adventure Boot Camp Cook Book. I along with Chef Barbara Apt and 24 of the leading Adventure Boot Camp trainers across the globe have assembled the most incredible list of delicious and healthy recipes.

You even get 4 of my recipes including:

"Italian Caprese Salad"

It's perfect for lunch!

We asked our super star fitness and nutrition expert trainers to give you their best-of-the-best recipes and tips to lose fat FAST while you consume foods YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL ENJOY!

The result is the most comprehensive guide to healthy and tasty recipes I have ever seen...... and I research healthy food all the time! Because so many of you have asked me for a list of healthy meal options, Chef Barbara and I decided to completely exceed your expectations!

This is the opportunity you need to have 106 recipes at your fingertips that will satisfy your senses and trim your waist.

140 Pages of Life and Body Transforming Information

Be sure to email me and let me know which is your favorite recipe!

Now you can look and feel your best!

A lean body awaits,


The Adventure Boot Camp Cook Book is a compilation of the most wholesome, healthy and nutritious recipes from 24 of the top Adventure Boot Camp Coaches in the country and Chef Barbara Apt. The book is arranged in the same way that personal fitness professionals empower their clients to eat for a lean, strong, and vibrant body. This book includes over 100 delicious recipes and will be close to 120 pages in length. The recipes, introductory and final chapters include professional images of 20 different styled, flavorful, and natural foods.

The Adventure Boot Camp program was designed by Dr. John Spencer Ellis and reaches more than 60,000 people annually in the US and eight countries including Canada, UK, Australia, and Portugal. The coaches who contributed the recipes are among the most successful at transforming people’s bodies and their recipes were carefully reviewed by Chef Barb for flavor, consistency, ease of preparation, balanced nutrients and natural ingredients. Co-author, Kelli Calabrese, Personal Trainer the Year, Adventure Boot Camp Master Trainer and Life Renewal Specialist, wrote the introductory and concluding chapters and coordinated the cook book project.

Special Editorial Features:

· The chapters are coordinated the way personal trainers coach clients to eat for health and fitness.

· The recipe contributors are among the best coaches in the country who each have reach in their community as local and some national experts.

· Practical tips are included for healthy eating, grocery shopping, cooking and dining out.

· This cook book includes a chapter on wholesome, easy-to-prepare, kid-friendly recipes, which are of great interest to any mom.

· The final chapter includes tips for a complete healthy lifestyle transformation.

· More than 60,000 people are already familiar with the Adventure Boot Camp program and millions more participate in other boot camp or fitness programs.

· More than 1/3 of the population is obese and many can not afford a personal trainer or nutritionist. This book serves as a tool to provide outstanding health results.

Table of Contents

Understanding food

Chapter One
Enjoying Nutritious Eating
Navigating Dining Out
Savvy Supermarket Shoppers
Secrets to a Boot Camp Body

Chapter Two
Understanding Food Labels
Avoiding Fad Diets
Hydration -- Drinking Your Calories
40+ Super Foods

Chapter Three
Cooking 101


Chapter Four
Starters and Breakfasts

Chapter Five
Beverages and Smoothies

Chapter Six
Revitalizing Salads

Chapter Seven
Savory Soups

Chapter Eight
Energizing Whole Grains and Beans

Chapter Nine
Vital Vegetables and Sides

Chapter Ten
Scrumptious Sandwiches and Wraps

Chapter Eleven
Metabolism Enhancing Lean Proteins

Chapter Twelve
Satisfying Snacks

Chapter thirteen
Fruit and Sweet Endings

Chapter fourteen

For the Kids


Chapter Fifteen
Optimum Health for Life


Contributing Team
About Chef Barbara Apt
About Author Kelli Calabrese
About Editor Shelby Murphy
About Founder John Spencer Ellis

Directory of Contributing Trainers by State


Kelli Calabrese, M.S., Personal Trainer of the Year, Clinical Exercise Physiologist 22 year fitness industry leader, Author of Feminine, Firm & Fit, Master Trainer for Adventure Boot Camp. Kelli is an international presenter, consultant, editor, and spokesperson for clients such as, Campbell’s, Bumble Bee, Trident, Kellogg’s, Smucker's, Quaker and more. Kelli owned and operated a chain of health clubs and corporate fitness centers for 14 years. She was the lead fitness expert for eDiets and eFitness for 3 years. Kelli is the fitness advisor for Smart Women Now, Beauty Forever Network, Purdue University and Glaxo Smith Klein.

Chef Barb Apt, graduated first in her class from the Culinary Institute of America. Barbara worked in Las Vegas at Spago and for The Cheesecake Factory on new menu development. Barbara was a Corporate Chef and Director of Product Development for Mondeo, based in the San Francisco Bay Area where she successfully opened three new restaurants. She also founded a successful personal chef service, Tonight's Special. Barbara has spent the last 9 years of her career working for food manufacturers creating culinary solutions for restaurant chains.

Editor: Shelby Murphy, owner Shelby Murphy Fitness, Granbury Adventure Boot Camp Coach, Editor of Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.

Founder of the Adventure Boot Camp Program: Dr. John Spencer Ellis, Executive Producer of The Compass

Photography: Heather Vollers

Key Points:
Americans are undernourished and over-fat. They are becoming savvier and looking for real solutions from experts who produce fantastic results. The Adventure Boot Camp Cook Book is the answer to eating made simple, delicious, and healthy.
Boot camps are currently the program of choice for anyone looking to get in shape and lose weight. Boot camps cover the exercise portion of getting in shape, but most exclude healthy recipes. Everyone wants to be fit and have a personal trainer, yet most can not or choose not to retain one. This cook book is the next best thing to hiring a personal chef, nutritionist, and personal fitness coach.
We have all experienced limiting beliefs or obstacles to healthy eating, including:

To topple these misconceptions once and for all, we’re giving you practical solutions you can put into action immediately. No more excuses – just a simple and tasty journey toward your personal metamorphosis.

Within its pages, you’ll find convenient, easy-to-prepare meals, using non-processed and organic ingredients that will revolutionize your relationship with food.

You don’t need to be Adventure Boot Camp camper to see the fantastic results from consuming the foods found in this recipe book, but we surely recommend it. Eating well is only half of the weight loss battle. The other half is proper and intensity-appropriate exercise. Food and exercise are both natural medicine for the body. You can heal your body with proper nutrition and productive movement.

The road to a flattering figure takes work; however consuming the recipes in this book can make it ten times easier. If you’re already a boot camper or exercising regularly and what you are eating is not working for you, you have everything to gain by adopting these recipes as a natural part of your eating plan. We promise you will love the meals, feel satisfied when eating, and never feel deprived or like you are on a diet.

"The ABC Cookbook is not an ordinary's more of a manual for life. There's so much information in the first few chapters about healthy choices and general food education. I learn something new everyday. My biggest concern with eating right is the worry that food will be bland. This is absolutely not the case with the recipes in the ABC Cookbook.

My personal favorite is the recipe for "Black Bean Cakes with Cilantro and Lime Sour Cream". This dish is jam packed with flavor and very satisfying. I also love the "Tasty Tuna Melt". It's so exciting to have a cookbook at he tips of your fingers to make tasty and healthy dishes AND be able to lose weight!. The recipe directions are easy to follow and in no time you can have delicious food on your table."

- Julie Crecelius
Argyle Adventure Boot Camper

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