Divine Health Studio

I was awoke at 3:30 AM in mid-September to the vision that I was to convert a 900 square foot garage into a fitness studio, and not just any studio, but a “green” gym and it was to be called Divine Health. One after another the pieces fell into place and within 4 weeks we had converted a dirty cluttered garage into the Divine Health Studio that is completely green. Great lengths were taken to ensure all of the materials are sustainable, toxin free, antimicrobial, energy efficient and allergy free. From the marmoleum flooring to the plant based paint, cotton insulation, ductless air conditioning and LED lighting, Divine Health is designed with your physical health in mind.

I am taking on a few clients in the Divine Health Studio located in Flower Mound, TX. The workouts are designed with your ultra-health and fitness in mind. Fitness is an important pillar of health that has far reaching effects on all other areas of your health including nutrition, stress, toxins, immunity, functionality, emotions and more. As your coach, you can expect your physical goals will be exceeded within a short amount of time. You will also find that with improved physical health, the mind, will and emotional will also be elevated to new levels.  You were designed to live in divine health.  With fitness industry leader Kelli Calabrese as your coach, your betterment is guaranteed.  Your health and fitness is priceless.  Contact Kelli today to schedule a consultation.  817-490-1296  Kelli@KelliCalabrese.com

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