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Kelli has spent the past 2+ decades working to raise up fitness professionals to be true experts, to enjoy serving their clients, to achieve higher levels of prosperity, and ultimately fulfill their passion to help the most people achieve a fitness lifestyle. Below you will find programs Kelli created or co-authored with Fitness Industry Leaders. She especially recommends the Adventure Boot Camp Coach Certification and the IMPACT Coaching Programs for those trainers who want to maximize their time, efforts and rewards.

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adventure boot camp program
Join our team of world-class fitness boot camp instructors. Adventure Boot camp is the world's leading fitness boot camp system

According to IDEA’s survey in 2010, Fitness Boot Camps are by far the fastest growing fitness program in the country.  If you want to take your fitness skills to a new level, reach more people per hour and earn over $500 an hour as a fitness coach, this program is for you. Adventure Boot Camp is the largest boot camp fitness program in the world. With over 400 locations in 9 counties, this program is taking fitness professionals to the next levels in skills as well as financial security.  

This is the fastest way for you to get a boot camp program up and running, doing what you love.  Join the industries most successful boot camp coaches and receive the New Adventure Boot Camp Home Study Program which includes 10 hours of DVD’s, Drill book with over 100 obstacle courses, games and drills, the ABC logo, ready to go website template, sample winning ads, networking with other successful coaches world wide, corporate support, comprehensive mentorship, a business plan that is unmatched and much more.  Most ABC coaches make their investment back in the first month of business.  

To see all of the details and find out if you are eligible for Adventure Boot Camp training, go to

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Fitness Coach Kelli Calabrese
Train Groups of Clients just 3 hours per week! IMPACT Fitness System - Intense Mixed Performance Accelerated Cross Training

IMPACT is a turn key group training program which provides certified personal trainers with the tools to help people get in shape fast using the intense results producing fitness training workouts and a proven business program.


The World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing and Youthful Aging

As a personal fitness professional, you are perfectly positioned to offer your clients a nourishing nutritionally sound cleansing and replenishing plan. Consider that they take nutrition advice from people far less qualified than you, so shouldn’t you be the one to advise them and offer a nutritional plan that is proven, natural and a full system that can get your clients outstanding results? Isagenix is the perfect program for your clients to enhance their nourishment, accelerate their fitness results, improve their health and overcome dis-ease, all while earning your additional income as you stand behind a company you can trust.


Fitness Coach Kelli Calabrese
MMA Conditioning Coach

Become a part of the hottest training program around the world. Clients desire to have the conditioning and the body of an MMA fighter, but they don’t necessarily want the combat. You can train beginners to advanced MMA athletes using the extensive skills and tools you learn in MMA Conditioning Association Certification. You receive updated information each month and access to a library with hundreds of articles and videos. Adding MMA conditioning to your coaching skills will increase your value, expand your reach and afford you a new lucrative profit center.


fitness boot camp
The Adventure Boot Camp Drill Book

100+ Fun & Functional Boot Camp
Drills, Games, Obstacle Courses, Circuits and More!

You can enjoy boot camp workouts in your backyard, at the park or in the gym. If you are a coach, you can use these workouts to create hundreds of boot camp workouts for your campers.

This is the boot camp drill book you have been waiting for. You will instantly receive award willing boot camp workouts by the 2004 and 2007 Personal Trainer of the Year. Kelli has done the work for you and created a boot camp drill book from her 21+years as a fitness professional. She weaved her experiences as not only a boot camp instructor, but applied her education and experiences in personal training, group fitness instruction, kick boxing, Pilates, rehab and more. And now you can have it all to take your fitness camp to the next level.

These boot camp workouts are one of the reasons Kelli is able to charge 25% more than other boot camps and retains 80% of her campers month after month.

If you tried to create 100 fitness boot camp drills, it would take you days – maybe even weeks! How much money (and your time) would that cost? What are you worth per hour? Take the easy road. Let Kelli Calabrese (the leading world expert on fitness boot camps) do it all for you!

Find out more information about what’s included in the Boot Camp Drill Book or

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wellness coach kelli calabrese
The Adventure Boot Camp Cook Book: Eating for a Lean Body

Become an affiliate! Earn 50% commissions on each sale you refer.

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kelli calabrese
The Art of Grocery Shopping & 7 Other Profitable Promotions

This program is for personal trainers who want to find a fun, creative way to serve your clients with empowering nutrition information. It’s also a fantastic retention tool as well as a perfect non-intimidating way to reach new customers. This program includes an audio program detailing how to conduct a successful and profitable grocery shopping tour. It also includes a second audio highlighting 7 Profitable Promotions Phil Kaplan and I have timelessly conducted to serve more clients and grow our businesses. This is an electronic program with 2 audio programs and a complimentary handout. Expect this to be the night your clients finally understand how to eat for vitality. Earn your investment back three fold with your first tour.

E-Book – delivered instantly as a download

SPECIAL 20.12.  Limited time!

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celebrity personal trainer in 30 days
Celebrity Personal Trainer in 30 Days

Leading Celebrity Personal Trainers Kelli Calabrese and John Spencer Ellis are ready to give up all of their TOP SECRETS to help you become a Celebrity Personal Trainer in your community, state, country, world and, of course online!

Qualified Fitness Professionals can become a Celebrity Personal Trainer and Create Publicity in just 30 Days!

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weight loss program
Profitable Weight Loss Programs

Dr. Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS, ACE

Attention Personal Trainers Who Want To Successfully Get into the Fat Loss Business!

Do you want to play an important role in helping your clients beat the "obesity odds" that 2/3 of Americans face?

If you are not coaching your clients through healthful eating and positive behavior changes, you are doing them a disservice. If you are passionate about reaching more people, you too can receive testimonials such as this one, after listening to and applying the information delivered in the program "How To Run Weight Loss Programs through Sound Science and Profitable Business Solutions"...

Chris and Kelli were so excited about joining forces for this program, they wanted to give you even more information and added a Bonus CD where they answer your most pressing questions on weight loss such as:

What is the role of genetics? What is a Personal trainer’s scope of practice regarding giving nutrition advice? How do you position yourself as an expert and stand out from other "solutions"? What is optimal meal frequency for weight loss? And much, much more!

E-Book – delivered instantly as a download


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