fitness speaker Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS, ACE

Fitness & Wellness Speaking

With 25 years’ experience Kelli is an enthusiastically passionate and knowledgeable fitness, wellness and life transformation speaker. Her experience owning and operating health clubs, being the lead fitness expert for eDiets, emerging as the international trainer to the trainers and producing her own radio show are just a few of the experiences that position her as the wellness expert. Kelli has 3 degrees combined with 25 fitness, nutrition and lifestyle certifications making her the most credentialed fitness expert. She has spoken for a range of companies including Blue Shield, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Mary Kay, Beneficial Insurance, BMW, BASF, Mortgage Contracting Services, and Sir Richard Branson’s who invited her to speak in Florence Italy.

She shares enlightening information to those seeking wellness and life balance on topics from living a fit, enjoyable and long life span. Some of her favorite topics include:

5 Pillars of Ultra Health to Live to 100 and Love It!
Finally Lose the Flab – Re-energize and Look 10 Years Younger
Exercise Is Medicine – The Ultimate Fountain of Youth
8 Secrets to Live Disease Free in A Dis-Eased World
Living in Divine Health – Its Promised!
Cleansing & Re-Nourishing The Body, Mind & Spirit
Feminine, Firm & Fit –Get You Sexy Back
A Health Plan to Match Your Life Span – It’s Not Too Late
Spring Cleaning – A Fresh Start for Your Health
Dieting Truths & Myths – Finally the Real Facts!
Age Defying Makeover – Practical Solutions Everyone Can Do
Grocery Shop So You Can Live to 100!
Forget Stress Management You Want Life Ownership!

Kelli's speaking engagements reveal how to live a long, prosperous, healthy and adventurous life. Kelli will leave the audience with epiphanies to change their thinking and ultimately their outcomes so that they can reclaim their lives and wake up each day energized and at their personal best. Kelli guarantees to leave the audience empowered, thinking better, with practical impactful solutions and on the edge of their seats fired up for positive change.

She is also has a heart to help other fitness professionals have a long, prosperous and legendary career. She travels the world speaking to fitness pro’s about:

Growing Profitable Fitness Businesses with Integrity
Running Successful Weight Loss Programs, Challenges and Contests
Emerge as a Celebrity Fitness Expert
Attract Customers for Life,
Conducting Successful and Profitable Boot Camp Programs
Nutrition as a Profitable Center
Grocery Shopping Tours as a Tool for Success

Kelli’s seminars are always jam packed with real world information that will have the audience leaving with a new perspective, a sense of new possibility and a way to re-calibrate their thinking and actions for a better outcome.

Kelli is a relied upon source for companies such as WebMD, Prevention, Cooking Light, Redbook, Women’s World, Experience Life, Weight Watchers and many more. She has also been a consultant/spokesperson for Kellogg’s, Smucker's, Proctor & Gamble, Blue Buffalo, and Centrum, Jack Links, Trident, Old Orchard and more.

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