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An archive of published articles from Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS, ACE spanning a broad range of fitness and wellness topics, including Diet and Exercise, Yoga, Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Stretching and Flexibility, Six Pack Abs, Home Gyms, Workout Mistakes, and more. Enjoy!

Wellness E-Books

30 Day Detox Fat Burning Meal Plan
The Adventure Boot Camp Cook Book: Eating for a Lean Body
Feminine Firm & Fit e-Book Sampler

Wellness Audio's

7 Techniques to Optimize Fat Burning
Eating for A Lean Body
12 Secrets to Getting Fit
Savvy Supermarket Shopping for Ultra Health

Wellness Articles

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Which Cardio Machine is Best?
A Pedometer is the Key to Fitness and Weight Loss
Get Moving
Cold Weather Workouts

Strength Training

Prescriptions for Strength
Sometimes Less is More
Tweak Your Strength Routine
Stop Wishin' and Start Workin on Six Pack Abs

Flexibility Training

Fit and Flexible
Real Men Do Yoga
Yoga For Weight Loss
Stretching for Success


Banish Exercise Boredom
Your Resolution Solutions
Working Your Mental Muscle
Sex is Exercise Too
10 Ways to Find Time For Fitness
Go Mental to Get the Most out of Your Workouts
12 Ways to Put Excitement Back into your Exercise Program

Exercise Secrets

10 Most Common Workout Mistakes!
Fat Burning Truths
Fine Tune Your Workout For Maximal Results
10 Ways to Up Your Energy

Assessing Your Fitness & Gym

The Thinnest Aren't Always The Fittest
Finding the Right Gym
Get the Most From Your Gym Search
Is Fitness Your Calling?
Building a Home Gym on a Shoe String Budget


Combining Diet with Exercise
Cut Fat - Learn to Read Labels
The Real Skinny on Hot (or Not) Fat-loss Fads


Exercising When Sick
Before Your Begin Exercising Read This
Setting Up A Home Gym
Pain 'n Gain No Longer Workout Partners