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The World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing, Youthful Again and Cellular Regeneration

Fitness Coach Kelli Calabrese

For over two decades Kelli has been an expert at providing those seeking wellness with programs to makeover their bodies and their thinking. Kelli is an award winning professional who has appeared on CBS, NBC, Fox and other media outlets to provide consumers with the tools for living a life of fitness, wellness and abundance. Kelli is an author, international speaker, consultant and coach specializing in women’s wellness, fitness boot camps, longevity and life management. She has captivated and empowered the lives of thousands of people inspiring them to become their best. Kelli is a consultant with Isagenix and a Mission Marketer with Beyond Organic

Kelli's Favorite Health and Wellness Tools:

wellness coach kelli calabrese
The Adventure Boot Camp Cook Book: Eating Lean for Life

This Cook Book was compiled by Kelli Calabrese and Chef Barbara Apt who gathered recipes from the countries top Adventure Boot Camp Coaches so you can enjoy eating the way leading personal trainers coach their clients. The book includes over 100 delicious and healthy meals for fat burning, metabolism boosting and looking and feeling your best.

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30 day detox kelli calabrese
30 Day Detox, Fat Burning Meal Plan

If you want to be in a leaner healthier body in 30 days, this meal plan was designed for you. If you need to shed 5 pounds or 50 pounds, this will jump start your results. Expect to safely lose up to 15 pounds have energy to spare, a flat stomach and a reduction in nagging symptoms such as headaches, cravings, constipation or skin irritations. People will ask you what you did to look so fabulous.


30 day detox kelli calabrese
Living Lean for Life

In this 2 hour audio, Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Expert Kelli Calabrese shares; 7 Techniques to Optimize Fat Burning, Eating for a Lean Body, 12 Secrets to Getting Fit & Savvy Supermarket Shopping for Ultra Health. $14.95 instant download, 19.95 hard copy CD includes shipping in US.

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30 Day Cleanse, Fat Burning and Re-Nourishing System
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